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Danielle Riede: Tears and Rain
Danielle Riede: Tears and Rain
Sarah M. Hurt Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center

Co-Curated with Patrick Flaherty.

Riede writes: “Tears and Rain is my first installation composed of technological waste. Comprised of screens from deconstructed flat screen televisions that cannot be industrially recycled, this installation points to our consumption of and obsession with technology. With a simple fold, I have transformed the screen into a form that suggests tears and rain. Through working with this material, I have come to understand why we are so attracted to television screens and the light that they reflect: the materials that we produce for technology are exquisite. They should not be thrown away. With this installation, I am proposing a work that has the elemental properties of television: Slow Television.”

Installation view from Tears and Rain, Sarah M. Hurt Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN, December 6, 2013 – February 2, 2014. Photo: Lisa K. Fett 2014.