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Body Building
Body Building
Churchman-Fehsenfeld Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center

The human body has long played an intricate and significant role in the continuum of art history. From the Venus of Willendorf (circa 30,000 BCE) to today’s selfie-driven digital sharing culture, mankind’s inherent relationship with the figure is an ongoing saga that is complicated, multi-faceted, and ever-evolving. Both historically and now, artists have been at the forefront of this dialogue, using the human body as a muse, a symbol, a tool, and a conversation starter. Body Building is an exhibition exploring the ways artists use the body to communicate ideas, spark thought, and reconcile pre-conceived notions. The 53 artists chosen for Body Building were selected from a pool of over 600 entries and represent a diverse coalition of perspectives and approaches on the theme of the human figure.

Installation view from Body Building, Churchman-Fehsenfeld Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN, February 21, 2019 - April 8, 2020. Photo: Whitney Alderson 2020.