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Stacia Yeapanis: Sacred Secular
Stacia Yeapanis: Sacred Secular
Sarah M. Hurt Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center

Inspired by private worship spaces, home decor, popular songs and television, Sacred Secular is an immersive environment containing three sites for contemplation of the painful human emotions of desire, rage and uncertainty. The repetitive audio and video compositions of collected media — which draw on the remix genre of the supercut and the lyricvid, as well as chanting and mantra meditation—play on tablets resting on decorative shelves, hinting at the opportunity for deeper inquiry in our everyday lives. The slow, painstaking repetition of collecting and editing the digital clips is underscored by the tangible repetition in the other materials. The repetitive looping of a single sentiment, phrase or action highlights the accumulated visual motifs: concentric circles, coils, chains, spirals.

Installation view from Sacred Secular, Sarah M. Hurt Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN, August 11, 2017 – October 4, 2017. Photo: Lisa K. Fett 2017.