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Emmy Lingscheit: Shifting Baselines
Emmy Lingscheit: Shifting Baselines
Allen W. Clowes Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center

This exhibition seeks to explore perceptions about what is “normal,” and how these perceptions drift in response to changing reference points. The term shifting baseline syndrome was coined by scientist Daniel Pauly to explain how large declines over time in ecosystems or species are masked by each human generation’s redefinition of what is "natural" or expected. In this time of rapid environmental change and geopolitical upheaval, this phenomenon is evident not only in the ecological world but also in realms of politics and ideology.

Installation view from Emmy Lingscheit: Shifting Baselines, Allen W. Clowes Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IN, June 9, 2017 – August 5, 2017. Photo: Lisa K. Fett 2017.