Kyle Herrington
Living amongst the children of the corn in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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"The majority of Kyle Herrington's work consists of dreamlike psychological landscapes punctuated by discordant emotional outbursts: Jarring blocks of text betray the sometimes-immature sentiments bubbling unflitered under slick adult-world exteriors. Overall, his art evokes nostalgia for lost or fleeting possibilities, the kind that burn hot on certain subruban summer nights, transforming grassy backyards into potential UFO landing pads and bland strips of Midwestern interstate into sexually charged webs suitable for mysterious gang initiation rites."
-- Erin K. Drew February, 2013

"His anxieties about something catastrophic happening to his house has translated into sculptural pieces as well as paintings. We talked for quite a long time. I admire Kyle’s commitment to making everysingleideathathehas. I think it is what has allowed him to make such a large body of work with what I see as having very consistent and complete conceptual ideas in relatively short time frame (just one year). Kyle’s work makes reference to sci-fi logic, modern obsessions with the apocalypse and celebrity and mashes them altogether into a funny, but kind of scary reality."
- Wendy Lee Spacek August, 2013